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Of Science and Faith: The Scientific Method, A Positive Look

by Jim Pemberton

We often hear about how science is based in reason, but we aren’t often taught precisely how this works. We know something of the scientific method, but we don’t know how it relates to logic. We only have some sense that it does. We have come to the part of this series on Science and Faith where I will discuss how the scientific method is based on deductive logic in general.

Of Science and Faith

There’s no need in this series to handle all the various forms that the scientific method takes, so this will only be a general discussion. It will involve the common steps and how each works together to produce a reasonable conclusion. Continue reading

Of Science and Faith: Deductive Logic

By Jim Pemberton

In discussing science and faith, the word “reason” is often bandied about without much to say as to what it actually is. Those with any education in philosophy know of the three laws of logic and how to construct syllogisms. That excludes most of the world. So in one short blog article, I intend to lay it out as simply as possible. The reason is that you can’t understand the scientific method without understanding how syllogisms work. Unfortunately, many scientists, while they know how to use the scientific method, don’t understand how it works logically. That’s the reason for discussing it. Hopefully by the end of the next article you will have at least an inkling on how it works and have a leg up on most scientists.

Of Science and Faith

The Three Laws of Logic

There are three important laws of logic that philosophers have discovered over the millennia. They will seem simple at first, and they are. But many simple things get overlooked if they aren’t discussed, and it’s a big deal if these simple things are important. Continue reading