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Grand Opening of EpoLogos

Although we have launched EpoLogos on November 27, 2018, you may notice that there are already posts going back to 2012. We have brought with us to this project various articles relating to the topic of creation that we have written over the years (with particular indebtedness to the now closed SBC Open Forum). And while Jim Pemberton and Ken Hamrick are the founders of this, we hope to find other Evangelical writers who share our convictions regarding creation to join us in this pursuit.

EpoLogos is, primarily, a response to BioLogos, which affirms “evolutionary creation, recognizing God as Creator of all life over billions of years.” We see the BioLogos view as an unfortunate and ill-conceived capitulation to the world’s insistence that truth in origins can only be found through the lens of materialistic naturalism. Continue reading

Of Science and Faith: Faith and Reason

By Jim Pemberton

Augustine’s Two Streams of Faith

Scholarly analyses of Augustine tend to differ widely. These can be distilled down to two significant streams of thought.

Of Science and Faith

The first is a famous quote of his, “Crede, ut intelligas.”1 It is an admonition to “believe, so that you may understand.” This may sound similar to the famous philosophical proposition, “I think, therefore I am,” made by philosopher René Descartes. This is in line with Augustine’s thinking that more directly serves to demonstrate him as a predecessor to Descartes when he wrote, “Si… fallor, sum” (“If I am mistaken, I am”)2. But I mention the first statement for a reason that will become clear soon. The point is that in this analysis of his thought Augustine pointed forward to Descartes. This was the direction of his philosophical thought.

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An Irenic & Vigorous Creationism Discussion at SBC Voices

by Ken Hamrick

Most debates between Old-Earthers and Young-Earthers deteriorate to anger and ad hominem after about 100 comments. Recently, SBC Voices posted my article, “Helping Old-Earth Creationists Face the Supernatural Question,” which had been posted here. The discussion at Voices went to 308 comments before Dave Miller shut it down—probably for reasons of length. Throughout, it remained a great example of how such discussions can be carried on without rancor. I recommend reading down through the comments for anyone looking to understand the different views better.