About Us

We are proponents of Recent Fiat Creationism:

1. We affirm the authority of Scripture, as the inerrant, verbally inspired, divinely preserved Word of God, to speak for itself (authenticated and illuminated by the Holy Spirit). We employ a hermeneutic that appropriately respects this authority, giving the Bible the benefit of the doubt whenever the plain sense makes sense, only seeking alternative meanings when warranted by the text of Scripture (introducing no extra-textual authorities, evidences or reasons).

2. We affirm that supernatural acts (miracles), like God Himself, transcend nature and natural laws, and leave behind no physical evidence of the event. The supernatural nature of creation out of nothing (ex nihilo) leaves nothing of the supernatural in the nature of what is created. Nothing of the nature of nonexistence, or of the nature of supernatural creation, is brought forward into the nature of what is brought into existence in such a way as to identify what is created with creation ex nihilo. A supernatural origin transcends the nature of the thing created and leaves no mark on its nature to identify it with supernatural origin. There are no “miracle particles” deposited that science can detect and measure.

3. We affirm the plainly revealed chronology of the Bible; that God created the universe ex nihilo by fiat, approximately 6000 years ago, and destroyed life on earth by a cataclysmic, worldwide flood (saving a remnant of men and animals on Noah’s ark) approximately 4000 years ago.

4. We affirm that God created a world already in motion (in motu), in a state of maturity with all natural processes well under way, old in nature even though it had newly begun to exist. We do not affirm a young earth, but an old earth recently created. We deny that such a creation would be inherently deceptive any more than any other miracle is by nature unavoidably deceptive to those who do not have knowledge of what actually happened. Jesus turned the water to wine, and the guests thought the host had saved the best for last. When He fed the 5000, it surely would have appeared to skeptics as if He had brought enough food for all. When He raised Lazarus from the dead, it would have seemed to those who did not know what had happened that Lazarus had never died. Those who search into origins with a presupposition that denies the supernatural Creator-God bring deception on themselves.

5. God will not be proven by scientific inquiry. If He had so desired, He could have left evidence to prove His existence and His creating, but He chose to only be found by faith. Unbelief is spiritual rebellion—a willful denial of the spiritual truth that God reveals to every man, and a self-reliance on physical senses to the enshrinement of natural evidence as ultimate determiner of truth. God will not be found by such rebels. A man must be willing to drop his rebellion and embrace what God has spiritually revealed. That’s why God demands faith.

6. We affirm that there are serious scientific problems with the Theory of Evolution; however, we would find no reason to abandon the revealed Biblical chronology of a Recent Fiat Creation even if Evolution were proven as true. While we hold that so-called “macro-” Evolution is utterly flawed, we also hold that God is as capable of creating by fiat a world in mid-process as He is of creating it at the start of the process–even if that process is, supposedly, Evolution. Because a human is a spiritual being, having been made in God’s image, humanity could never have evolved to what we are. Even if human beings evolved from less advanced forms, the final form we are now in would require God to step in and create an Adam, breathing into his nostrils the breath [spirit] of life.

7. We affirm that the attacks on the revealed Biblical chronology of a Recent Fiat Creation have seared the conscience of our society regarding the veracity and authority of the Bible, the existence of God, and the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth claims of Christianity have been delegitimized in the contemporary culture, and an accelerated moral collapse—including the attacks on the Biblical prescription for marriage and sexuality—has resulted.

8. We call on BioLogos to abandon their false presupposition, to wit, that physical evidence has bearing on the prospect of a recent creation by divine fiat. In fact, giving weight to physical evidence in this matter is an a priori rejection of a recent, miraculous creation, because it is a skeptical rejection of that which leaves no physical evidence.

9. We call on the Evangelical Church to awaken to the damage caused by the loss of the revealed Biblical chronology (which is nothing short of the delegitimization of Christian truth claims and the searing of the conscience of society), and to employ the strength of this apologetic in defending Biblical truth and authority.

For more, see our Grand Opening post.


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