Grand Opening of EpoLogos

Although we have launched EpoLogos on November 27, 2018, you may notice that there are already posts going back to 2012. We have brought with us to this project various articles relating to the topic of creation that we have written over the years (with particular indebtedness to the now closed SBC Open Forum). And while Jim Pemberton and Ken Hamrick are the founders of this, we hope to find other Evangelical writers who share our convictions regarding creation to join us in this pursuit.

EpoLogos is, primarily, a response to BioLogos, which affirms “evolutionary creation, recognizing God as Creator of all life over billions of years.” We see the BioLogos view as an unfortunate and ill-conceived capitulation to the world’s insistence that truth in origins can only be found through the lens of materialistic naturalism. To take such a view is to deny a priori that God might have recently created the world by fiat–to flatly deny from the start that a supernatural miracle is a reasonable possibility. And what is even more inexplicable is that a Christian organization would rule out the miraEpoLogos Iconculous based solely on its incompatibility with the naturalistic lens of “science.” Hard evidence seems to be their stock and trade; yet, ironically, they are not bothered in the least that they have no evidence to establish that the world, if created by divine fiat six thousand years ago, would be in any way different than it is now. Therefore, their entire argument–indeed, their entire organization–stands on this one unproven assumption. So the question for BioLogos is not, “Did you find the evidence for billions of years and for evolution compelling as natural explanations for how the world arrived at this point?”–but rather, “Having found such a natural explanation, what right or reason did you have to abandon the supernatural explanation, seeing as how the former can never disprove the latter?”

In naming the organization that he helped to found “BioLogos” (“bio” meaning biological life, and “Logos” meaning Word of God), Dr. Francis Collins (author of The Language of God) implied that biological life was the language through which God’s creative “commands” have been spoken, rather than through actual spoken commands. We at EpoLogos believe that God literally spoke His creative commands, which resulted in immediate creation by fiat. “Epo” (ἔπω) means command; and BioLogos’ silhouette of a bird over “Bio” is countered by our silhouette of a megaphone over “Epo” (a little anthropomorphic license). Additionally, “epologos” (ἔπωλόγος) also means an appellant, and we are in the position of appealing the rightness of the decision made by BioLogos and their followers to abandon supernatural creation by fiat in favor of an assumed naturalistic explanation without any evidence to justify that choice.

Comments will remain open; but we will, of course require civil discourse. May God bless us all with a better understanding of His word, His truth, and His ways.


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